The History of the British Flora.

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Juglans regia L: genetic variation and provenance performance
A range-wide collection of Juglans regia seeds was undertaken in autumn 1997 from 12 countries, including 25 provenances and 375 half-sib progenies. 2200 seedlings were produced using innovative
Formal Subdivision of the Holocene Series/Epoch: A Summary
The Holocene Series/Epoch is the most recent series/epoch in the geological timescale, spanning the interval from 11,700 yr to the present day. Together with the subadjacent Pleistocene, it comprises
Contrasting phylogeographic structures between freshwater lycopods and angiosperms in the British Isles
It is concluded that the reproductive system of lycopods provides an advantage following the secondary colonization of aquatic habitats by enabling frequent genetic exchanges between populations and potentially facilitating faster adaptation.
Groenlandia pescheri sp. nov. (Potamogetonaceae) from the Late Oligocene Fossil-Lagerstätte Enspel (Westerwald, Germany)
The species is characterized by sub-oppositely arranged leaves without observable stipule-like appendages at the leaf bases and a very thin exocarp and represents the first pre-Quaternary record of the genus Groenlandia, which is usually regarded as a basal sister group of all other Potamogetonaceae.
Relative pollen productivity estimates and changes in Holocene vegetation cover in the deciduous forest of southeastern Quebec, Canada
The Regional Estimates of VEgetation Abundance from Large Sites (REVEALS) model was used to quantify Holocene changes in vegetation cover in the deciduous forest of southeastern Quebec, Canada and reconstructed values for Populus suggest that it was widely distributed across the landscape.
Wood Charcoal Analysis in Archaeology
This chapter examines historical and recent methodological developments in the field of wood charcoal analysis (anthracology). A key aim is to outline various approaches to research questions