The History of the Biblical Text in the Light of Discoveries in the Judean Desert

  title={The History of the Biblical Text in the Light of Discoveries in the Judean Desert},
  author={Frank Moore Cross},
  journal={Harvard Theological Review},
  • F. Cross
  • Published 1964
  • History
  • Harvard Theological Review
The publication in January, 1953, of fragments of an unknown recension of the Greek Bible gave the first unambiguous warnings of a revolution to come in the textual criticism of the Hebrew Bible. Earlier the publication of the great Isaiah scroll of Qumrân, Cave I (IQ Isa a ), and later of the second fragmentary roll of Isaiah (IQ Isa b ), created noise and excitement, but none of the major text-critical schools was forced to shift significant ground. Champions of the Hebraica veritas who had… Expand
The date of LXX
The earliest translation of Hebrew Biblical texts into Greek is said to have occurred sometime during the late fourth to mid third century B.C. time period. Scholars often point to severalExpand
Literary Sources for the History of Palestine and Syria: The Dead Sea Scrolls: Part 1. Archaeology and Biblical Manuscripts
  • M. Wise
  • History
  • The Biblical Archaeologist
  • 1986
mong the literary sources for the history of Syria-Palestine unearthed in tablet, epigraphic, or manuscript form during the past century, the Dead Sea Scrolls occupy a position of paramount interestExpand
The Synoptic Problem in the Chronicler's History
During the last two decades there has been a considerable revival of interest in the Chronicler's history. A number of articles, as well as the appearance of several commentaries on the books ofExpand
Haplography in the Hebrew Vorlage of LXX Jeremiah
Opinions of nineteenth century scholars assessing the text of Jeremiah, where the LXX is one-eighth shorter than MT, were divided. Movers (1837) favored the shorter LXX text, while Graf (1862)Expand
Isaiah's Christ in Matthew's Gospel
Matthew's Jesus is typically described as the humble, compassionate messiah. This 2002 book argues that this is, however, only half the story. Matthew's theologically rich quotation of Isaiah 42.1–4,Expand
A system of biblical dates
In 1966 a solution of the chronological system used in main parts of the Old Testament was presented by K. Stenring. It was built on three parallel calendars running from the Creation up to theExpand
Isaiah's Christ in Matthew's Gospel: Isaiah 42.1–4 within the context of Matthew 11–13
The historical usage and influence of Isa. 42.1–4, as observed in chapter 3, appears to demonstrate that the passage contributed to the understanding of the character and expectation of the messianicExpand
Biblical Studies: Fifty Years of a Multi-Discipline
The creation of an autonomous and secular discipline of biblical studies can be traced back through several stages, in particular to cultural changes brought about by the Reformation and theExpand
The Prehistory of Albania
The Italians discovered the first traces of Palaeolithic life in Albania, and also some cave-dwellings containing Neolithic deposits. It is only in the last thirty-five years that it has beenExpand
The Schematic Development of Old Testament Chronography: Towards an Integrated Model
The chronological figures in the Old Testament have been of considerable interest to early and modern scholars, but there has been little success in developing an overarching model to account forExpand


A New Qumran Biblical Fragment Related to the Original Hebrew Underlying the Septuagint
  • F. Cross
  • History
  • Bulletin of the American Schools of Oriental Research
  • 1953
dominion of the " one like a son of man " (Dan. 7: 14, 27)."4 At any rate, the use of the term berith to refer to persons is original in Second Isaiah and is found elsewhere in the Old Testament onlyExpand
In columns 18 and 24 of the recently unrolled psalms scroll from Qumran Cave 11 are found, save for a few lines of text missing at the bo:toms of Cols. 17, 18 and 24, the Hebrew Vorlagen of Pss IIExpand
PS. 151 IN 11QPSS
In commentario suo in librum Oseae H. W. WOLFF aenigma matrimonii Oseae ita conatur solvere, ut elxl znunim (l 2) intelligat puellam, quae ex more tunc temporis vigente ante nuptias virginitatemExpand