The History of Spiritualism

  title={The History of Spiritualism},
  author={R. J. Tillyard},
THE recent publication of two large volumes entitled “The History of Spiritualism” by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle is perhaps a suitable occasion on which men of science may once again turn their thoughts in a direction in which many more of them are probably interested than would be willing to admit it. Spiritualism is a cult, a faith, or perhaps even a full-blown religion, the central tenet of which is sufficiently well stated by Sir Arthur (vol. 2, p. 263) in the following words:The History of… Expand
The medium on the stage: Trance and performance in nineteenth-century spiritualism
While historians of spiritualism have been eager to focus on its political and social implications, less attention has been given to the fact that spirit communication was also a matter of visualExpand
Spiritual stars: religion and celebrity in the careers of spiritualist mediums
Scholars in celebrity studies have posited a similarity between cinematic stardom and the formation of religious and magical beliefs about the powers of spiritual leaders. Steve Nolan, for instance,Expand
The Spirit(s) of Science: Paradoxical Positivism as Religious Discourse among Spiritualists
Abstract Language is but the means the spirit employs to give expression to itself [and] as the development of spirit progresses, words have to be laid aside, to give place to those more suitable toExpand
Researching our Spiritual Nature
In the endless enterprise of knowledge acquisition, two questions have always engaged philosophers, religious leaders and scientists of all times in a quest for answers. They are: “How is the worldExpand
Psychical Transmissions: Freud, Spiritualism, and the Occult
This paper explores Freud’s reflection on telepathy, a reflection generally dismissed as a marginal or even slightly embarrassing aspect of his writings. Ernst Jones’s influential Life and Work ofExpand
Beliefs in Spirits , Entertainment , and Show Business in the Nineteenth Century 1 In her study on the material culture of Christianity
In her study on the material culture of Christianit y, Colleen McDannell argues that our understanding of religious beliefs is usually infor med by a dichotomy between the sacred and the profane,Expand
Enchanted Spaces: The Séance, Affect, and Geographies of Religion
Abstract This article calls for the geographies of religion and belief to attend to the sensuous, vitalistic, and affectual forces through which spaces of the religious, spiritual, and the sacred areExpand
Visions of the end in interwar British art
The cessation of hostilities to the Great War with the signing of the Armistice on 11 November 1918 brought the largest and most devastating war hitherto known to an end. It was meant to be the “WarExpand
Twenty First Critical Bibliography of the History and Philosophy of Science and of the History of Civilization (to October 1926)
IER (Munich), L. GUINET (Brussels), L. LEROUX (Paris), R.M. MAY (Paris), J. STEPHENSON (Edinburgh), N. TRANSEHE (New York), H. WIELEITNER (Munich), J.K. WRIGHT (New York). An authors' index will beExpand
The Rational Quest For Our Spirituality
Human beings have always tried to understand the world surrounding them. The driving force for this quest can be related to two main factors: an inherent curiosity to understand the great variety ofExpand