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The History of Social Media and its Impact on Business

  title={The History of Social Media and its Impact on Business},
  author={Simeon Edosomwan and Sitalaskshmi Kalangot Prakasan and D. Kouam{\'e} and Jonelle Watson and Tom Seymour},
  journal={The journal of applied management and entrepreneurship},
IntroductionThis paper examines the history of social media. The plan was to approach this work from it historical development to its modern day perspective. The authors also looked at the definition of social media, its concept and application in the 21st century. In the decade of information systems, social media has played a vital role in transforming business and communications. We believe that the fastest way to grow a business entity is through social media and networking. In 2000, many… 

Impact of Social Media Application in Business Organizations

The impact of social media in business organizations is discussed by highlighting the competitive advantage on organizations’ engagement in social media by identifying the factors why business prefers social media as marketing and communication tools over other available methods.

The Role of Social Media in Business Transformation Strategies (Development and Validation of the Social Media Commerce Model)

The rise of social media in the digital era is considered important for anybody because it helps people to communicate and share information with each other online. Because it has become a necessity,

Social Media and Its Application in Business Marketing

A social business is a core business philosophy. By being a social business, a company engages in social activities. A social business may seem new because of the emergence of social media. Social

A Literature Review On The Impact Of Social Media And Its Role In Marketing

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With the growth of new communication technologies, the power of social media has gained more importance. The social media is crucial in defining what we think about, how we look at things and our

Social media, business capabilities and performance: A review of literature

Information communication technology has plenty of benefits to society. Social media being the product of information technology have become an essential tool for marketers at a very minimum

The Role of Social Media Adverts and Online Trust in Organizational Growth and Profitability in Ghana: An Empirical Review

The development of social media platforms was targeted at enabling individuals around the world to connect and interact without physical contact through the use of technology devices. Since its

The Economic Effects of Social Media in Online Sales

Over the last few years, the new technologies have "invaded" both the social and the economic perimeter, changing the way people communicate with each other remotely, through the creation of a

The Implications of Social Media in Hospitality Research

In recent years, social media has become a major buzzword in personal, social and business contexts. The number of adult users on social networking sites has increased from 8% to 35% between 2005 and

Firm's Competitive Growth in the Social Media Age

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    Advances in Human Resources Management and Organizational Development
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Social media has changed not only people's lives but also business's life. The internet has transformed the way companies do their business. Most companies create an entire business function commonly

Social Media Marketing In Emerging Economies: Case Study of Three Indian Firms

Nearly 30 million Indians who are online are members of social networking sites and popular surveys report that about two-thirds of them spend time daily on these social networking sites. More



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This paper argues that social media metrics should be captured as customer investments in marketers’ social media efforts and that applications considered in concert with performance objectives drive

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Experimental evidence that Twitter can be used as an educational tool to help engage students and to mobilize faculty into a more active and participatory role is provided.

Entrepreneurial Marketing: Customer Shopping Value and Patronage Behavior

Executive Summary Research confirming the relationships among emotional responses to sensate based retailing atmospheres and personal shopping value forms the basis for developing a conceptual model

The Political Power of Social Media

On January 17, 2001, during the impeachment trial of Philippine President Joseph Estrada, loyalists in the Philippine Congress voted to set aside key evidence against him. Less than two hours after

The Influence of the Internet on Active Social Involvement and the Formation and Development of Identities

The changing nature of personal identity in Russia during recent decades shows stability in identity influenced by close social relations and marked changes in relation to more remote factors. The

Entrepreneurial Need for Achievement in China, Latvia, and the USA

Purpose – The decision one makes to engage in entrepreneurial activity is affected by many different motivators. The paper aims to focus on one specific motivator for entrepreneurial activity which

Social network sites: definition, history, and scholarship

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Turnover prediction using attitudes towards benefits, pay, and pay satisfaction among employees and entrepreneurs in Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania

Purpose – This paper seeks to examine the efficacy of predicting turnover for employees and entrepreneurs from Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania using attitudes towards benefits, pay satisfaction, pay,

Customer service‐orientation of small retail business owners in Austria, The Czech Republic, Hungary, Latvia, Slovakia, and Slovenia

Purpose – The purpose of this paper is to test the feasibility of using a biodata inventory to measure service‐orientation – one's disposition to be helpful, thoughtful, considerate, and cooperative

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The paper analyzes the globally recognized cultural move towards a more learner-centred education and discusses the implications for the adoption of mobile technologies and design for learning.