The History of Phoenicia

  title={The History of Phoenicia},
  author={Josette Elayi},
The history of the Phoenicians, explorers and merchants, is little known. What a paradox for this ingenious people, who invented the alphabet, to have left so few written traces of their existence. Their literature, recorded on papyrus, has disappeared. And yet this civilization fired the imagination of its contemporaries—the Jews in particular—inspiring terror among the Romans and Greeks, who depicted them as a cruel people who practiced human sacrifice. Their clients were the pharaohs and the… 

The long 7th century BCE at Tel Shiqmona (Israel): a high resolution chronological tool for the Levant and the Mediterranean

The 7th century in the southern Levant is characterized by Assyrian rule and subsequent Egyptian domination. Despite the relatively violent nature of this century, and abundant historical

The Kelenderis pottery workshop(s): newly identified agents in East Mediterranean maritime exchange networks in the Achaemenid period

During the Persian (or Achaemenid) period, simply band-painted bowls, plates, jugs, table amphorae and hydriae are documented in the Levant — in particular in the coastal regions — as one of the most

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Corpus dei papiri filosofici Greci e Latini (CPF). Testi e lessico nei papiri di cultura greca e latina. Parte IV.2: Tavole (II.2–II.3). Pp. xxxiv, pls. Florence: Leo S. Olschki Editore, 2018. Paper,