The History of Metis Aboriginal Rights: Politics, Principle, and Policy

  title={The History of Metis Aboriginal Rights: Politics, Principle, and Policy},
  author={Thomas Flanagan},
  journal={Canadian Journal of Law and Society / Revue Canadienne Droit et Soci\&\#x00E9;t\&\#x00E9;},
  pages={71 - 94}
  • T. Flanagan
  • Published 1990
  • Economics
  • Canadian Journal of Law and Society / Revue Canadienne Droit et Société
Abstract This article gives a schematic overview of metis aboriginal rights from the Huron and Superior Treaties of 1850 to the Mackenzie Valley Treaty of 1921. It traces the evolution of federal policy in several stages: treating Metis as Indians, followed by individual grants of land, scrip and money. Pragmatism and expediency led to many inconsistencies in policy, but there were also pressures of administrative precedent favouring rationalization. Awareness of this history is essential in… 
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Louis Riel, Justice, and Métis Self-Identification: Literary Politics for Survival in the Evolution of Canadian Nationhood

This thesis explores Metis identity in the context of the ambiguous nature of the Canadian national identity, and in particular, how the Louis Riel ‘Rebellions’ of 1869-70 and 1885, continue to

Thomas Flanagan on the Stand: Revisiting Métis Land Claims and the Lists of Rights in Manitoba

More than a century after the adoption of section 31 of the Manitoba Act, 1870, which granted 1.4 million acres to the Metis of Manitoba, the descendants were unable to convince a trial judge that

Adhesion to Canadian Indian Treaties and the Lubicon Lake Dispute

  • T. Flanagan
  • Sociology
    Canadian journal of law and society
  • 1992
Abstract Research shows that adhesions to the numbered treaties were of two types: “internal” and “external.” In an internal adhesion, a band living within the previously ceded area agreed to the

La revendication du titre “indien” par les Métis du Manitoba, 1860–1870

  • D. O'toole
  • History
    Canadian Journal of Political Science
  • 2006
Résumé. Après plus de deux décennies, un tribunal manitobain a fixé une date pour entendre l'affaire FMM qui touche à la concession des terres aux Métis selon l'art. 31 de la Loi de 1870 sur le



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When, in 1983, the first edition of Riel and the Rebellion was published, the scholarly controversy concerning Thomas Flanagan's interpretation of the Rebellion of 1885 escalated to one of national

The Treaties of Canada with the Indians of Manitoba and the NorthWest Territories (Toronto: Belfords

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Order of council

A New Nation