The History of Histology: A Brief Survey of Sources

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Ameliorative effects of high-protein diet on hepatotoxic alterations in Swiss albino mice exposed to mobile phone radiation
It may be concluded that electromagnetic radiation emitted from mobile phones has damaging effects on hepatocytes which may be ameliorated by HPD. Expand
A window into the brain: Tools to assess pre-clinical efficacy of biomaterials-based therapies on central nervous system disorders.
A comprehensive insight is presented into all of these modalities of therapeutic delivery, namely: histological, bio-imaging, molecular and behavioural, along with their strengths and weaknesses as well as perspectives on an ideal design for a panel of tests to screen brain nano-delivery systems. Expand
Diagnostic histochemistry: A historical perspective.
  • M. Wick
  • Biology, Medicine
  • Seminars in diagnostic pathology
  • 2018
This review considers the evolution of histochemistry and cytochemistry as scientific disciplines, culminating in the pairing of those techniques with basic biochemistry. Expand
Prototyping an Open Source Single Plane Illumination Microscope for 3 D Histology
Histology is the study of microscopic structures of tissues. By analyzing the tissue samples, diseases and injuries can be studied. Typically, sectioned, 2D tissue samples are used for histologicalExpand
Seeing the future of histotechnology through its history
Earlier this summer, a nine-year-old boy showed me an illustrated picture of a cell in a book titled First Human Body Encyclopedia [1]. He asked several questions such as ‘Where did the first cell ...
Study of Micrometry of Dog Hair of Different Breeds
In both micrometric & histological study of hair of differentDog breeds it results particular identities for every dog breed and these identities will be greatly helpful for identification of different dog breed through the single hair follicle of dog. Expand
Utility of Optical Density of Picrosirius Red Birefringence for Analysis of Cross-Linked Collagen in Remodeling of the Peripartum Cervix for Parturition.
Development of a rapid, quantitative analysis technique of collagen fibers in cross-linked structures to assess remodeling of the cervix during the transition from soft to ripening in preparation for birth and holds promise to evaluate other tissues. Expand
Towards a non-animal risk assessment for anti-androgenic effects in humans.
The tools and approaches that could be used to develop a non-animal safety assessment for anti-androgenic effects in humans, with a focus on the molecular initiating events (MIEs) that human disorders indicate critical for normal functioning of the hypothalamus-pituitary-testicular (HPT) axis are reviewed. Expand
Early Modern Theories
Many sixteenth-century accounts of perception were based on an Aristotelian approach supplemented with the medieval species theories (see pp. 68-76 above), though Augustinian and other neo-PlatonicExpand
“Ehrlich färbt am längsten”. Sichtbarmachung bei Paul Ehrlich
  • A. Hüntelmann
  • Sociology, Medicine
  • Berichte zur Wissenschaftsgeschichte
  • 2013
The article explores Ehrlich's work staining first tissue and blood, and then pathogens and vital staining in the 1880s, and shows how visualization became an essential - albeit laborious and painstaking - element in the epistemic process of Ehrich's work. Expand


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J. J. Lister and the establishment of histology.
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The History of Medical Education