The History of Histology: A Brief Survey of Sources

  title={The History of Histology: A Brief Survey of Sources},
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Fast seed histology protocols: Benzene derivatives-free vs xylene-dependent

Introduction. Seeds are complex structures that allow the biological and crop propagation of plants. Seed histology can be used for teaching, researching, and for pathological diagnostic. Histology

Imaging fetal anatomy.

The History of Urinary Cytology: The Long and Winding Road to Paris 2.0

Histology education in an integrated, time‐restricted medical curriculum: Academic outcomes and students' study adaptations

Students' cumulative histology examination scores were significantly lower in the new curriculum and the number of students with overall scores <75%, defined as a substandard performance, increased more than fifteenfold.

Ameliorative effects of high-protein diet on hepatotoxic alterations in Swiss albino mice exposed to mobile phone radiation

It may be concluded that electromagnetic radiation emitted from mobile phones has damaging effects on hepatocytes which may be ameliorated by HPD.

Prototyping an Open Source Single Plane Illumination Microscope for 3 D Histology

In this work, steps toward prototyping a SPIM based on the OpenSPIM platform were taken, with the ultimate goal of demonstrating the usefulness of 3D histology when analyzing models of OA.

Study of Micrometry of Dog Hair of Different Breeds

In both micrometric & histological study of hair of differentDog breeds it results particular identities for every dog breed and these identities will be greatly helpful for identification of different dog breed through the single hair follicle of dog.



Ack.emecht, Rudolf Virchoui, doctor, statesman, anthropologist (Madison

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f months past, have excited the risibility and ridicule of every person ofi now'n? his right hand from his left, but which are now laid in the stale> Capulets, we must fall back upon the dull and

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of the English language, while the officers and servants of the English lunatic asylums are equally ignorant of the Welclh. The inconveniences which arise from this circumstance are thus forcibly

VI. On the distribution of nerves to the elementary fibres of striped muscle

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The author proceeds to state that his researches have led him to the conclusion that every elementary fibre is abundantly supplied with nerves, which form a network and lie upon the surface of the sarcolemma.

I. Upon the cause of the striation of voluntary muscular tissue

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The structure of striated muscular tissue has occupied the attention of many histologists, and various, often antagonistic, have been the views held from tim e to time since Schwann first