The History of Electronic and Computer Music in Japan: Significant Composers and Their Works

  title={The History of Electronic and Computer Music in Japan: Significant Composers and Their Works},
  author={Takehito Shimazu},
  journal={Leonardo Music Journal},
  pages={102 - 106}
  • T. Shimazu
  • Published 6 July 2016
  • Art
  • Leonardo Music Journal
cide together what they wanted and needed, rather than merely participat­ ing as guests of organizations that often misunderstand the qualities of the art­ ists they solicit. Because of the energy demanded by such a project and the lack of interest on the part of large in­ stitutions in this domain of artistic cre­ ation, there have been only a few attempts to conduct this kind of tour in recent times. Proposals to do so have encountered severe financial problems. Conceptual questions are no… 

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