The History and Evolution of Global Health Diplomacy

  title={The History and Evolution of Global Health Diplomacy},
  author={Ilona Kickbusch and Margarita Ivanova},
International health cooperation has been integral to the development of diplomacy in the last century. Building on 160 years of collective attempts to combat diseases that cross national borders, it has developed into what is now called global health diplomacy. The purpose of this chapter is to analyse major milestones in this historical process and help global health diplomats acquire a better understanding of the context in which those changes occurred. Providing information on the driving… 
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Regionalism, activism, and rights: New opportunities for health diplomacy in South America
  • P. Riggirozzi
  • Political Science
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  • 2014
Abstract Tackling germs, negotiating norms, and securing access to medicines are persistent challenges that disproportionally affect developing countries' participation in global health governance.
Pandemic response and international law: The case of COVID-19
  • Q. Qin, T. Luo
  • Political Science
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  • 2020
The coronavirus pandemic is currently raging throughout the world. The ensuing crisis has acquired a multidimensional nature, affecting all levels of society, including international health legal
Tobacco and its legislation on the international scene - the Framework Convention on Tobacco Control as a paradigm considering diplomacy and global health governance
It was concluded that health demands require a global commitment and the legislation establishing control of smoking appears as the first international measure included in a context of diplomacy in health and governance, aiming public policy-making for the promotion of global health.
Locating regional health policy: Institutions, politics, and practices
This framework locates the contributions of each of the research articles of this Special Issue of Global Social Policy on the regional dimension of health policy and diplomacy in relation to Southern Africa and South America and highlights the ways in which the articles bring new evidence about how social relations of welfare are being (re)made over larger scales.
Global Health as “umbrella term” – a qualitative study among Global Health teachers in German medical education
A central finding of this study is the understanding of GH as an umbrella term, and models about the content of GH, how it can be taught and how GH teaching improves and strengthens overall medical education are presented.
Crise e reforma da organização mundial da saúde
O artigo mostra que crise e reforma sao temas recorrentes nas ultimas tres decadas de funcionamento da Organizacao Mundial da Saude (OMS). Apos breve apresentacao da Organizacao, os principais


The globalization of public health: the first 100 years of international health diplomacy.
  • D. Fidler
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The present article analyses the global risks in this field and the international legal responses to them between 1851 and 1951, and explores the lessons from the first century of international health diplomacy of relevance to contemporary efforts to deal with the globalization of public health.
Multilateral Diplomacy and the United Nations Today
As the world confronts new and ongoing challenges of globalization, international terrorism and an array of other global issues, the United Nations and its key attribute-multilateral diplomacy-are
The stages of international (global) health: Histories of success or successes of history?
  • A. Birn
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It is argued that historians of global health and policymakers need to interact further so that historians are exposed to the contemporary problems of globalhealth and policymakers better understand the historical complexity of extracting ‘lessons’ from the past.
The World Health Organization and the transition from "international" to "global" public health.
It is argued that WHO began to refashion itself as the coordinator, strategic planner, and leader of global health initiatives as a strategy of survival in response to this transformed international political context.
Making sense of global health governance: A policy perspective
Over the past decade, there has been a marked increase in the number of academic texts discussing global public health institutions and issues. A reasonable proportion of this new literature has
Textbook of International Health: Global Health in a Dynamic World
This classic text, formerly known as the "Basch" textbook, now completely revised in an updated new edition, brings together information that students and professionals working in the wide variety of
Health Diplomacy and the Enduring Relevance of Foreign Policy Interests
This week in PLoS Medicine, Harley Feldbaum and Joshua Michaud consider the important interplay between foreign policy and global health interests and introduce a series on Global Health Diplomacy.
An organizational analysis of the World Health Organization: narrowing the gap between promise and performance.
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