The History, Advocacy and Efficacy of Data Management Plans

  title={The History, Advocacy and Efficacy of Data Management Plans},
  author={Nicholas Smale and Kathryn Unsworth and Gareth Denyer and Daniel Barr},
Data management plans (DMPs) have increasingly been encouraged as a key component of institutional and funding body policy. Although DMPs necessarily place administrative burden on researchers, proponents claim that DMPs have myriad benefits, including enhanced research data quality, increased rates of data sharing, and institutional planning and compliance benefits. In this manuscript, we explore the international history of DMPs and describe institutional and funding body DMP policy. We find… 
Data Management Plans A Review
With increasing world-wide emphasis on providing access to research data, data management plans (DMPs) have emerged as the expected way for researchers to formalise and communicate their intentions
Data Curation Profiling to Assess Data Management Training Needs and Practices to Inform a Toolkit
The interview findings highlight gaps in existing knowledge of data management theory and practice that could impact data re-use and the impact of the implementation of data management plans on the open science movement.
Data sharing, management, use, and reuse: Practices and perceptions of scientists worldwide
Although attitudes towards data sharing and data use and reuse are mostly positive, practice does not always support data storage, sharing, and future reuse, and assistance through data managers or data librarians is clearly needed.
Providing Research Data Management (RDM) Services in Libraries: Preparedness, Roles, Challenges, and Training for RDM Practice
A case is made for developing a global community of practice where data librarians work together, exchange information, help one another grow, and strive to advance RDM practice around the world.
Automating Research Data Management Using Machine-Actionable Data Management Plans
A system for machine-actionable data management planning in an institutional context that semi-automates creation and maintenance of DMPs, and thus eases the burden for the stakeholders responsible for various DMP elements.
"Data Stewardship Wizard": A Tool Bringing Together Researchers, Data Stewards, and Data Experts around Data Management Planning
The context and motivation for the Data Stewardship Wizard is discussed, the architecture of the tool is explained, and key functions, such as the knowledge model evolvability and migrations, assembling data management plans, metrics and evaluation of datamanagement plans are presented.
Application of the LabTablet app in a laboratory environment: Case study I3S
To understand the habits of the researchers regarding data management and to improve LabTablet’s functionalities to facilitate its adoption in a laboratory environment, the methodological approach involved three components: observation, interviews and the proposal of the development of a novel version of the Lab tablet app suited to the needs of researchers working in a lab environment.
Application Profile for Machine-Actionable Data Management Plans
The application profile that allows information from traditional data management plans to be expressed in a machine-actionable way is presented and design decisions made during its development are discussed.
HELIPORT: A Portable Platform for {FAIR Workflow | Metadata | Scientific Project Lifecycle} Management and Everything
The aim of this project is the development of the HELmholtz ScIentific Project WORkflow PlaTform (HELIPORT), which ensures data provenance by accommodating the complete life cycle of a scientific project and linking all employed programs and systems.
Building Capacity for Data Science with Help from Our Friends
Among the latest corporate and academic fads is “data science,” that often ambiguously defined collection of data analytics activities that promises to take us all to the next level of efficiency and


Approaches to Data Sharing: An Analysis of NSF Data Management Plans from a Large Research University
DMPs are useful tools to investigate researchers’ current plans and philosophies for how research outputs might be shared, but plans and strategies for data sharing are inconsistent across this sample, and researchers need to better understand what kind of sharing constitutes public access.
Water, Water, Everywhere: Defining and Assessing Data Sharing in Academia
This paper defines ‘data sharing’ and presents a protocol for assessing whether data have been shared and how effective the sharing was, and offers recommendations for how data producers, journal publishers, data repositories, and funding agencies can facilitate the process of sharing data in a meaningful way.
From Plan to Action: Successful Data Management Plan Implementation in a Multidisciplinary Project
Five major themes emerged as important: intentional staffing, addressing essential data management elements, iterative improvement, training and mentorship, and increased efficiency and peace of mind.
Prepared to Plan? A Snapshot of Researcher Readiness to Address Data Management Planning Requirements
Objective: Cornell University’s Research Data Management Service Group (RDMSG) surveyed NSF principal investigators (PIs) at Cornell in order to understand how well-prepared researchers are to meet
Developing and Implementing the Wellcome Trust’s Data Management and Sharing Policy
Applications for funding are required to submit a data management and sharing plan in cases where their proposed research is likely to generate data outputs that will hold significant value as a resource for the wider research community.
Managing and Sharing Data; a best practice guide for researchers
Managing and Sharing Data: a best practice guide for researchers, is a timely and important publication, and one which JISC wholeheartedly endorses.
The Future of Data Management Planning: Tools, Policies, and Players
A new, global framework for data management planning is proposed that links plans to researchers, funders, publications, data, and other components of the research lifecycle to further enable the open scholarship revolution, advancing science and society.
Using data management plans to explore variability in research data management practices across domains
By developing and testing a rubric designed to understand and evaluate the content of DMPs, the authors intend to develop a more complete understanding of how researchers plan for managing, sharing, and archiving their data.
Investigating Data Management Practices in Australian Universities
This survey was one of the activities of the APSR ORCA Support Network in 2007. Documentation of the survey and completion of the report have taken place during the first half of 2008, with the
Dealing with Data: Science Librarians' Participation in Data Management at Association of Research Libraries Institutions
This study investigates science librarians’ awareness of and involvement in institutional repositories, data repositories, and data management support services at their institutions, and explores the roles and responsibilities, both new and traditional, that science librarian have assumed related to data management.