The Historical Situation of Turkish Migrants in Germany

  title={The Historical Situation of Turkish Migrants in Germany},
  author={Faruk Sen},
  journal={Immigrants \& Minorities},
  pages={208 - 227}
  • F. Sen
  • Published 1 July 2003
  • Political Science
  • Immigrants & Minorities
The recruitment of Turkish migrant workers in Germany was originally a temporary measure because of a shortage of manpower, but over time they settled permanently and were joined by their families. This led to changes in lifestyle and many problems of adaptation. This paper examines the complex integration process, their contribution the Germany economy and the changes that the host society has had to make to fulfil the needs of a community now resident in Germany for 40 years. 
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According to the number of marriages completed at a Registry Office in Germany. Source: Centre for Studies on Turkey; Federal Statistical Office
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It is important to note that not all asylum applications result in official recognition
The health facilities are particularly affected because the number of elderly Turks in Germany is increasing rapidly
study carried out by Centre for Studies on Turkey