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The Historical Race Competition for Corporate Charters and the Rise and Decline of New Jersey: 1880-1910

  title={The Historical Race Competition for Corporate Charters and the Rise and Decline of New Jersey: 1880-1910},
  author={Charles M. Yablon},
  journal={The Journal of Corporation Law},
I. INTRODUCTION II. THE ORIGINS OF STATE COMPETITION FOR CORPORATE CHARTERS: 1875-1888 A. State Competition in the Era of Special Charters B. General Incorporation Statutes and the Origins of New Jersey's Dominance III. INCORPORATION OF THE TRUSTS: NEW JERSEY'S CONTROVERSIAL 1889 STATUTE. A. Events Leading to Enactment of the 1889 Statute B. The 1889 Statute and its Impact on Trust Incorporations IV. THE BUSINESS OF SELLING INCORPORATIONS: 1890-1899 A. Organization of the Corporation Trust… Expand
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