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The Historian's Craft

  title={The Historian's Craft},
  author={Marc L{\'e}opold Benjamin Bloch},
A note on the manuscripts of the present book, Lucien Febvre "The Historian's Craft" introduction history, men and time historical observation historical criticism historical analysis historical causation. 
Introduction: Early Hollywood and the Archive
This introduction frames the following essays in relation to two broad developments in the historiography of early Hollywood. First, it posits a new cultural textualism on the part of historians whoExpand
On Merton’s “History” and “Systematics” of Sociological Theory
Asked to assess the current state of the historiography of sociology, the pro-historicist, anti-Whiggish historian of social science is (perhaps inevitably, and surely ironically) tempted to indulgeExpand
The historian's craft and economics
Abstract History refers both to the past and to the systematic study of the past. Attempts to make a case for history in economics generally emphasize the first definition. There are benefits fromExpand
The schism in rhetorical scholarship
There has developed in recent years a growing sense of schism dividing history from criticism in the study of public address. This essay reassesses the relationship between history and criticism withExpand
History and the Creative Imagination
The following is the text of the Inaugural Greg Dening Annual Lecture, delivered by Professor Griffiths at the University of Melbourne, 11 December 2008.
The historian and the future
Abstract Historians had to come to terms with the fact that there is no ‘absolute’ past, long before forecasters were pondering the benefits of the ‘absolute’ future. They have also had to come toExpand
On The Possibility of Writing Contemporary History
Traditional historians limit the scope of history to events which occured outside living memory. The main concern is whether it is possible to study the contemporary period objectively using aExpand
Inventing the Origins of Theatre History: The Modern Uses of Juba II's theatriké historia
Richard Schoch is Professor of Drama at Queen’s University Belfast. He is the author of Shakespeare’s Victorian Stage, Not Shakespeare, Queen Victoria and the Theatre of her Age, the editor ofExpand
History's Moral Turn
History is in the midst of experiencing a "moral turn." This shift has resulted from the culture wars, challenges to objectivity and truth, and various world crises. Understanding moral issuesExpand
Rearranging the Files: On Interpretation in Media History
In this essay the author argues for the necessity of self-conscious interpretation in historical scholarship. Historical documents are traces, to use Jacques Derrida's term. They point to absences,Expand