The Hinoki Treebank A Treebank for Text Understanding

  title={The Hinoki Treebank A Treebank for Text Understanding},
  author={Francis Bond and Sanae Fujita and Chikara Hashimoto and Kaname Kasahara and Shigeko Nariyama and Eric Nichols and Akira Ohtani and Takaaki Tanaka and Shigeaki Amano},
In this paper we describe the construction of a new Japanese lexical resource: the Hinoki treebank. The tree bank is built from dictionary defintion sentences, and uses an HPSG grammar to encode the syntactic and semantic information. We then show how this treebnak can be used to extract thesaurus information from definition sentences in a language-neutral way using Minimal Recursion Semantics. Finally we outline how this treebank can be expanded from its base. 
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