The Higgs boson mass and SUSY spectra in 10D SYM theory with magnetized extra dimensions

  title={The Higgs boson mass and SUSY spectra in 10D SYM theory with magnetized extra dimensions},
  author={Hiroyuki Abe and Junichiro Kawamura and Keigo Sumita},
  journal={Nuclear Physics},
Abstract We study the Higgs boson mass and the spectrum of supersymmetric (SUSY) particles in the well-motivated particle physics model derived from a ten-dimensional supersymmetric Yang–Mills theory compactified on three factorizable tori with magnetic fluxes. This model was proposed in a previous work, where the flavor structures of the standard model including the realistic Yukawa hierarchies are obtained from non-hierarchical input parameters on the magnetized background. Assuming moduli… Expand

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