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The Herbaria of the world

  title={The Herbaria of the world},
  author={Patricia K. Holmgren and Wil Keuken and Eileen K. Schofield},
A new species of Albugo on Pterostylis (Orchidaceae) from Australia: confirmation of the genus Albugo on a monocotyledonous host
Albugo macalpineana sp. nov., causing white blister disease of terrestrial orchids in the genus Pterostylis, is described from Victorian and South Australian specimens more than 50 years old.
Uredopeltis chevalieri sp. nov., the rust of Grewia (Tiliaceae) formerly known as Phakopsora (or Dasturella) grewiae, its first record in Australia and a summary of the known rusts of Grewia
The rust of Grewia formerly known as Phakopsora (or Dasturella) grewiae is recorded for the first time in Australia from the Kimberley region of northern Western Australia and is described as new from the Australian collection as Uredopeltis chevalieri.
Taxonomy and phylogeny of Puccinia lagenophorae: a study using rDNA sequence data, morphological and host range features
A phylogenetic analysis of taxa related to this species was performed using rDNA (LSU, ITS) sequence data and indicates that P. lagenophorae is likely not derived from the northern hemisphere species P. obscura, but from a species from Australia host-alternating between Asteraceae and Cyperaceae/Juncaceae.
New Zealand Gigartinaceae (Rhodophyta): Resurrecting Gigartina grandifida endemic to the Chatham Islands
Molecular sequence data and phylogenetic analyses have revealed that this species is genetically distinct from all other New Zealand and Chatham Islands Gigartinaceae, consistent with the original concept of the Chatham Island endemic species G. grandifida.
The Genus Ilex (Aquifoliaceae) in the Antilles
A comparative study of the species that inhabit the islands of the region, taking into account the macromorphological aspects, especially of the sexual structures, such as inflorescences, flowers, fruits, and seeds is carried out.
Eleocharis R.Br. (Cyperaceae) no Estado do Rio de Janeiro, Brasil
A floristic inventory of the species of Eleocharis (Cyperaceae) from Rio de Janeiro State - Brazil was made and a key of identification, descriptions of species, illustrations, and notes on ecological features and geographical distribution are presented.
Diversity of palm uses in the western Amazon
We used palm knowledge to understand the interaction between people and the rainforests and the factors that influence this dynamic process. We interviewed 278 informants in 12 villages in the
Using the useful: characteristics of used palms in south-eastern Ecuador
It was seen that peopleȁ9s estimates of palm abundance were not related to the authors' measurements of abundance, which may be due to use of different spatial scales in evaluating abundance and to the subjective nature of terms such as “rare” and “abundant”.