The Healing Sea: A Sustainable Coastal Ocean Resource: Thalassotherapy

  title={The Healing Sea: A Sustainable Coastal Ocean Resource: Thalassotherapy},
  author={Roger H. Charlier and Marie-Claire Chaineux},
Abstract Thalassotherapy is perhaps less an alternative medicine than a treatment for specific ailments. It has witnessed ups and downs. A centuries-old, if not millennia-old, approach, it has gained many adepts in the medical profession and left many a patient delighted with its results. Thalassotherapy has many aspects in common with thermalism that, similarly, gained its lettres de noblesse over the centuries. This paper examines the roles that thalassotherapy has played and currently plays… 

Thalassotherapy today

This article is a systematic and summarizing review of all published articles related to the thalassotherapy and thermal medicine subject found in Web of Science Core Collection and develops a bibliometric study of the literature generated regarding “thalassotherapy” therm.

Thalassotherapy in Porto Santo Island of the Madeira Archipelago: facts and prospects

Thalassotherapy by definition is the use of seawater, sea products (sand, mud, salt, algae, aerosols...) and seaside climate as a form of therapy, but the actual definition is more precise considering the combined use with preventive and therapeutic purposes of sea water and sea derived products, inside the adequate facilities of establishments located near by the sea.

Seaweeds as Source of Bioactive Substances and Skin Care Therapy—Cosmeceuticals, Algotheraphy, and Thalassotherapy

Analysis of bioactive compounds that multiple marine organisms have a great potential to produce can be used as nutraceuticals, pharmaceuticals, and cosmeceuticals, especially in cosmetics.

1 Influences of the Oceans on Human Health and Well-Being

The impact of the oceans on health is typically assessed in relation to changes in the incidence of acute and chronic diseases, and acute poisonings and infections associated with the consumption of seafood containing harmful algal bloom toxins and microbial organisms result in acute disease episodes.

A Review on Herbal Naturopathy

Naturopathy is a very effective healing treatment for a quality life and helps to stimulate positive thinking, lowersstress, anxiety and depression, improves overall health, enhances outlook and improves one’s ability to cope with health-related issues.

Enigmatic Microalgae from Aeroterrestrial and Extreme Habitats in Cosmetics: The Potential of the Untapped Natural Sources

With the increasing demand for natural and safe products in cosmetics, algae with their diverse and valuable bioactive compounds are gaining vital importance. Until now, cosmetics have focused mainly


Wellness function and potential of the forest cover a wide range of physical, chemical, biological and last but not least aesthetic stimuli. The forest has an important influence on air composition



Balneotherapy for rheumatic diseases at the Dead Sea area.

  • S. Sukenik
  • Medicine
    Israel journal of medical sciences
  • 1996
Control studies conducted over the last 10 years have demonstrated that treatments provided at the Dead Sea have a positive effect on patients with inflammatory arthritides such as rheumatoid and psoriatic arthritis, and on non-inflammatory arthritis such as osteoarthritis.

Sulphur bath and mud pack treatment for rheumatoid arthritis at the Dead Sea area.

Patients with classical or definite rheumatoid arthritis in a stage of active disease were treated for two weeks at a spa hotel and statistically significant improvement for up to three months was observed in the three treatment groups in most of the clinical indices.

Algae—resource or scourge? Part II—economics and environment

Part 1 (in the previous issue of the journal) dealt with energy from marine algal forms, while part 2 is concerned with their economics and environment. Aquaculture has become well implanted,

Dermatology at the Dead Sea spas.

The treatment and results of the therapy for psoriasis, atopic dermatitis and vitiligo are outlined, especially for ps oriasis, and the advantages and disadvantages presented.

Effect of spa therapy in Tiberias on patients with rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis.

Forty-one patients with rheumatoid arthritis were treated for 2 weeks at a Tiberias spa hotel. Randomized into 2 groups, Group 1 received a combination of mineral baths and mud packs, and Group 2 had

European bioconversion projects and realizations for macroalgal biomass: Saint-Cast-Le-Guildo (France) experiment

This biomass may be treated by bioconversion (aerobic or anaerobic fermentation) to give useful products (gas, fertilizers or others) and to remove a source of environmental pollution.

Natriumchlorid- und Solewasser

Aufgrund der „Begriffsbestimmungen“ darf eine Heilquelle dann das Pradikat eines Natriumchloridwassers tragen, wenn ihre Mineralisation uber 1 g/l betragt und an dieser Mineralisation die Natrium-

The Management of Eutrophicated Waters

Eutrophication, blooms and green tides have over the few recent decades become scourges, indicating problems of substantial economic magnitude. Various types of pollution have enriched waters with

Distribution of Planktonic Primary Production in the Black Sea

Planktonic primary production data from the entire Black Sea are reviewed for the last two decades. Surface and vertical profile of data are spatially and seasonally compared for different

Short and long-term effect of spa therapy in chronic low back pain.

It is concluded that spa therapy has a positive short-term and a moderate long-term effectiveness on chronic LBP.