The Hbb¯$$ Hb\overline{b} $$ form factor to three loops in QCD

  title={The Hbb¯\$\$ Hb\overline\{b\} \$\$ form factor to three loops in QCD},
  author={Thomas Gehrmann and Dominik Kara},
  journal={Journal of High Energy Physics},
A bstractWe compute the three-loop QCD corrections to the vertex function for the Yukawa coupling of a Higgs boson to a pair of bottom quarks in the limit of vanishing quark masses. This QCD form factor is a crucial ingredient to third-order QCD corrections for the production of Higgs bosons in bottom quark fusion, and for the fully differential decay rate of Higgs bosons to bottom quarks. The infrared pole structure of the form factors agrees with the prediction from infrared factorization in… 
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