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The Harmonic Matrix: Exploring the geometry of Pitch

  title={The Harmonic Matrix: Exploring the geometry of Pitch},
  author={D. Bond},
  • D. Bond
  • Published in ICMC 2011
  • Mathematics, Computer Science
Harmonic matrix theory is a comprehensive synthesis of just intonation and Pythagorean tuning systems related to, but extending the classical lambdoma of the ancient Greeks. Extrapolated to n-dimensional structures, cubes, hyper-planes, hyper-cubes, and so on, the approach is completed by the logical inclusion of additional special matrices such as the ‘iterative power’ and ‘golden’ matrix. The harmonic matrix describes a geometry that exposes the fractal nature of the integer set and the… Expand


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  • Medicine, Psychology
  • IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Magazine
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