The Hard Facts of the Grimms' Fairy Tales

  title={The Hard Facts of the Grimms' Fairy Tales},
  author={Donald J. Ward and M{\'a}ria Magdolna Tat{\'a}r},
  journal={Journal of American Folklore},
The two-hundredth anniversaries of the births of Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm (1985 and 1986, respectively) brought in their wake newly edited and freshly produced books and essays about the brothers and their 173year-old collection, Die Kinder und Hausmärchen (KHM). Works from Heinz Rölleke's annotated reprints of the various KHM editions to the upcoming Weimar catalogue of the Grimms' extensive library holdings have generated the critical mass necessary for many of the current studies on the… 
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We present the 2005–2010 outburst history of the SUUMa-type dwarf HS 0417+7445, along with a detailed analysis of extensive time-series photometry obtained in March 2008 during the second recorded