The Hammarskjöld Plane Crash

  title={The Hammarskj{\"o}ld Plane Crash},
  author={Goran Bj{\"o}rkdahl and Jacob Phiri},
  journal={International Peacekeeping},
  pages={115 - 98}
Dag Hammarskjöld died in a plane crash on 17 September 1961 on route to Ndola, Zambia, to negotiate an end to fighting between UN troops and the break-away Katanga army. The Rhodesian-led inquiry commission in 1961–62 concluded that a pilot error caused the crash while the UN commission in 1962 was inconclusive. These commissions neglected to actively search for Zambian witnesses of black African origin and neglected the testimonies from those that were heard. A systematic search during 2007–12… Expand