The Hamas victory: shifting sands or major earthquake?

  title={The Hamas victory: shifting sands or major earthquake?},
  author={Mahjoob Zweiri},
  journal={Third World Quarterly},
  pages={675 - 687}
  • Mahjoob Zweiri
  • Published 1 May 2006
  • Political Science
  • Third World Quarterly
Abstract This paper discusses the background to the Palestinian elections and highlights the fact that they are the first democratic elections since 1996. It discusses the reasons for Hamas's participation and the problems it faced. It also examines what issues the electoral candidates needed to touch on in order to win the election. The paper highlights the fact that Fatah's days are over because of widespread corruption. It touches on how Hamas now needs to deal with the international… 

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Prince Saud al-Faisal, Saudi Foreign Minister, had said after his meeting with Hamas leaders in Riyadh on 10

    Fed up with Fatah, villagers hope for change

      See the whole text in Arabic, 32 pages of A4, at; and 'Hamas drops call for the end of Israel as poll nears

        Nearly three-quarters of Palestinians want the newly elected Hamas movement to drop its call for the destruction of Israel. See

        • Washington Quarterly

        and 'Hamas hails ''breakthrough'' visit

          Mixed fortunes for Rice in Middle East

            US holds secret talks to weaken Hamas', at

              Many meetings have been held in Cairo, and Hamas has been invited to participate. This participation helped the PA to reach some agreements with Israel. 18 'Fed up with Fatah

                The World Bank had approved $42 million to assist the Palestinian Authority

                • Financial Times

                Surge in support for Hamas as voters prepare to reject Fatah', Guardian

                • Financial Times