The Hamar cattle model: the semantics of appearance in a pastoral linguaculture

  title={The Hamar cattle model: the semantics of appearance in a pastoral linguaculture},
  author={Sara Petrollino},
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  • S. Petrollino
  • Published 1 January 2022
  • Linguistics
  • Language Sciences


The Plasticity of Categories: The Case of Colour
  • J. van Brakel
  • Philosophy
    The British Journal for the Philosophy of Science
  • 1993
Probably colour is the best worked-out example of allegedly neurophysiologically innate response categories determining percepts and percepts determining concepts, and hence biology fixing the basic
Existential predication in Hamar
This paper analyzes predicative constructions expressing location, existence and possession in Hamar, a South Omotic language spoken in South-West Ethiopia. The semantic domain
The linguistics of " color "
  • Á.
  • Linguistics
  • 2013
Color naming in Africa
Lexicalization patterns in color naming in Gbaya, a Ubanguian language of CAR
  • P. Roulon-Doko
  • Linguistics
    Studies in Functional and Structural Linguistics
  • 2019
Colour: An exosomatic organ?
Sections R1 to R3 attempt to take the sting out of hostile commentaries. Sections R4 to R5 engage Berlin and Kay and the World Color Survey to correct the record. Section R6 begins the formulation of
Ceci n’est pas une couleur
Le debat sur la nature de la couleur n’a toujours pas trouve de conclusion. Il a ainsi ete recemment reouvert par Alexandre Surralles d’une maniere originale, permettant de depasser l’opposition «