The Halo Mass Function of Late-type Galaxies from H i Kinematics

  title={The Halo Mass Function of Late-type Galaxies from H i Kinematics},
  author={Pengfei Li and Federico Lelli and Stacy S. McGaugh and Marcel S Pawlowski and Martin Alexander Zwaan and James M. Schombert},
  • Pengfei Li, Federico Lelli, +3 authors James M. Schombert
  • Published 2019
  • Physics
  • We present an empirical method to measure the halo mass function (HMF) of galaxies. We determine the relation between the \hi\ line-width from single-dish observations and the dark matter halo mass ($M_{200}$) inferred from rotation curve fits in the SPARC database, then we apply this relation to galaxies from the \hi\ Parkes All Sky Survey (HIPASS) to derive the HMF. This empirical HMF is well fit by a Schecther function, and matches that expected in $\Lambda$CDM over the range $10^{10.5} < M_… CONTINUE READING

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