The Habsburg Myth and the European Union

  title={The Habsburg Myth and the European Union},
  author={Helen Thompson},
Both the ideals of the European Union (EU) and the EU's recent political difficulties have attracted comparison with the Habsburg empire. In recent years, some of those making comparison have turned to the Austrian Jewish novelists, Stefan Zweig and Joseph Roth, who were crucial to the imaginative emergence of the Habsburg Myth. This paper analyses their writings and those of Robert Musil and Gregor von Rezzori in relation to the Habsburg Myth as a story about European unity, about Austria… 



Merkel's Germany and the European Union: Between Emergency and the Rule of Rules

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  • Political Science
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‘Legitimacy’ is a notoriously elusive term, over-used and under-specified. So the first thing I will do is to explain the sense in which I plan to use ‘legitimacy’ in this essay. Do not, please,