The Haar Wavelet Transform in the Time Series Similarity Paradigm

  title={The Haar Wavelet Transform in the Time Series Similarity Paradigm},
  author={Zbigniew R. Struzik and Arno Siebes},
Similarity measuresplayanimportantrole in many dataminingalgorithms.To allow the useof suchalgorithmson non-standarddatabases, suchas databases of financialtime series,their similarity measurehasto bedefined.We presenta simpleandpowerful techniquewhichallows for therapidevaluationof similarity betweentime seriesin largedatabases.It is basedon theorthonormal decompositionof the time seriesinto the Haarbasis.We demonstratethat this approachis capableof providing estimatesof the local slopeof the… CONTINUE READING
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