The HITRAN 2008 molecular spectroscopic database

  title={The HITRAN 2008 molecular spectroscopic database},
  author={Laurence S. Rothman and Iouli E. Gordon and Yurii L. Babikov and Alain Barbe and D. Chris Benner and Peter F. Bernath and Manfred Birk and Luca Bizzocchi and Vincent Boudon and Linda R. Brown and Alain Campargue and Kelly Chance and Edward A. Cohen and Laurent H Coudert and V. Malathy Devi and Brian J. Drouin and Andr{\'e} Fayt and Jean-Marie Flaud and Robert R. Gamache and Jeremy J. Harrison and J M Hartmann and Christian Hill and Joseph T. Hodges and David Jacquemart and Antoine Jolly and Julien Lamouroux and Robert J. Le Roy and Gang Li and David A. Long and O.M. Lyulin and Cameron J. Mackie and Steven T. Massie and Semen N. Mikhailenko and Holger S. P. M{\"u}ller and Olga V. Naumenko and Andrei V. Nikitin and Johannes Orphal and Valery I. Perevalov and Agn{\`e}s Perrin and E. R. Polovtseva and C. Richard and Mary Ann H. Smith and E. Starikova and Keeyoon Sung and Sergey A. Tashkun and Jonathan Tennyson and Geoffrey C. Toon and Vladimir G Tyuterev and Georg Wagner},
  journal={Journal of Quantitative Spectroscopy \& Radiative Transfer},
  • L. Rothman, I. Gordon, G. Wagner
  • Published 1 December 2005
  • Computer Science
  • Journal of Quantitative Spectroscopy & Radiative Transfer
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