The HIC signalling pathway links CO2 perception to stomatal development

  title={The HIC signalling pathway links CO2 perception to stomatal development},
  author={J. Gray and G. H. Holroyd and Frederique Marianne Van Der Lee and A. R. Bahrami and P. C. Sijmons and F. Woodward and W. Schuch and A. M. Hetherington},
  • J. Gray, G. H. Holroyd, +5 authors A. M. Hetherington
  • Published 2000
  • Biology
  • Nature
  • Stomatal pores on the leaf surface control both the uptake of CO2 for photosynthesis and the loss of water during transpiration. Since the industrial revolution, decreases in stomatal numbers in parallel with increases in atmospheric CO2 concentration have provided evidence of plant responses to changes in CO2 levels caused by human activity. This inverse correlation between stomatal density and CO2 concentration also holds for fossil material from the past 400 million years and has provided… CONTINUE READING
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