The HER2-miR125a5p/miR125b loop in gastric and esophageal carcinogenesis.

  title={The HER2-miR125a5p/miR125b loop in gastric and esophageal carcinogenesis.},
  author={Matteo Fassan and Marco Pizzi and Stefano Realdon and Mariangela Balistreri and Vincenza Guzzardo and Vittorina Zagonel and Carlo Castoro and L Mastracci and Fabio Farinati and Donato Nitti and Giovanni Zaninotto and M Rugge},
  journal={Human pathology},
  volume={44 9},
A subset of gastric (intestinal-type) and esophageal (Barrett) adenocarcinoma features HER2 protein overexpression. Consistent evidence demonstrates that microRNAs have a major role in HER2 (dys)regulation. MiR-125a-5p and miR125b expressions were tested in the spectrum of lesions in the gastroesophageal carcinogenic cascade, also correlating miR-125a-5p/125b levels with HER2 status. MiR-125a-5p and miR-125b expression (quantitative reverse transcriptase polymerase chain reaction [qRT-PCR]) and… CONTINUE READING