The Gypsy Database (GyDB) of mobile genetic elements: release 2.0

  title={The Gypsy Database (GyDB) of mobile genetic elements: release 2.0},
  author={Carlos Llor{\'e}ns and Ricardo Futami and Laura Covelli and Laura Dom{\'i}nguez-Escrib{\'a} and Jose M. Viu and Daniel Tamarit and Jos{\'e} Aguilar-Rodr{\'i}guez and Miguel Vicente-Ripolles and Gonzalo Fuster and Guillermo P. Bernet and Florian Maumus and Alfonso Mu{\~n}oz-Pomer Fuentes and Jos{\'e} M. Sempere and Amparo Latorre and Andr{\'e}s Moya},
  booktitle={Nucleic Acids Research},
This article introduces the second release of the Gypsy Database of Mobile Genetic Elements (GyDB 2.0): a research project devoted to the evolutionary dynamics of viruses and transposable elements based on their phylogenetic classification (per lineage and protein domain). The Gypsy Database (GyDB) is a long-term project that is continuously progressing… CONTINUE READING