The Growth of the Anti-Transgender Movement in the United Kingdom. The Silent Radicalization of the British Electorate

  title={The Growth of the Anti-Transgender Movement in the United Kingdom. The Silent Radicalization of the British Electorate},
  author={Craig Mclean},
  journal={International Journal of Sociology},
  pages={473 - 482}
  • C. Mclean
  • Published 26 June 2021
  • Political Science
  • International Journal of Sociology
Abstract This article examines the development of anti-transgender debates within the United Kingdom, which have gained traction due to proposed amendments to the country’s Gender Recognition Act (GRA). A group of determined lobby groups, taking their lead from like-minded organizations in the United States, has protested vigorously against the proposed changes to the GRA, especially with respect to “single-sex spaces”. As a result of this furor, the lives of transgender people have become the… 


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