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The Grid-Based Path Planning Competition: 2014 Entries and Results

  title={The Grid-Based Path Planning Competition: 2014 Entries and Results},
  author={Nathan R Sturtevant and Jason M. Traish and J. Tulip and T. Uras and Sven Koenig and Ben Strasser and A. Botea and Daniel Damir Harabor and S. Rabin},
  • Nathan R Sturtevant, Jason M. Traish, +6 authors S. Rabin
  • Published in SOCS 2015
  • Computer Science
  • The Grid-Based Path Planning Competition has just completed its third iteration. The entriesused in the competition have improved significantly during this time, changing the view ofthe state of the art of grid-based pathfinding. Furthermore, the entries from the competition have beenmade publicly available, improving the ability of researchers to compare their work. Thispaper summarizes the entries to the 2014 competition, presents the 2014 competition results,and talks about what has been… CONTINUE READING
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