The Gregorian Mission and English Education

  title={The Gregorian Mission and English Education},
  author={P. F. Jones},
  pages={335 - 348}
B EDE asserts that in the year 631 King Sigebert of East Anglia 'founded a school wherein boys should be taught letters,' and which was furnished with 'masters and teachers after the manner of the people of Kent.' 1 On this passage Leach bases his contention that, if Canterbury had a school which was a model in 631, it must have been established by St Augustine as an adjunct to the Cathedral of Christ Church in 598; 2 that the school there founded was a grammar school, modelled, not upon the… Expand
The Comic Latin Grammar in Victorian England
This paper presents the first scholarly analysis of The Comic Latin Grammar by Percival Leigh, a satirical textbook of Latin grammar published in London in 1839-40. Sections I and II analyze the roleExpand
‘Beowulf’ and the Celtic World: The Uses of Evidence
Sporadic attempts have been made in the past to demonstrate direct connexions between the various Celtic literatures and Beowulf ; I think it fair to say that the proposed links have always seemedExpand
A study of 'Apollonius of Tyre': Three English Adaptations of an Ancient Greek Romance
“This thesis involves three English versions of Apollonius of Tyre: the Old English translation (OE) of the Historia Apollonii Regis Tyri (HA), John Gower's version (CA) in the Confessio Amantis, andExpand
A new critical history of Old English literature
Anglo-Saxon prose and poetry is, without question, the major literary achievement of the early Middle Ages (c. 700-1100). In no other vernacular language does such a vast store of verbal treasuresExpand