The Greater North Borneo Hypothesis

  title={The Greater North Borneo Hypothesis},
  author={R. Blust},
  journal={Oceanic Linguistics},
  pages={118 - 44}
  • R. Blust
  • Published 2010
  • Sociology
  • Oceanic Linguistics
  • Blust (1969) recognized a North Sarawak subgroup of Austronesian languages based on a single highly distinctive sound change, namely the split of Proto-Austronesian *b, *d/j, *z, and *g into a "plain" series of voiced obstruents, and another characterized as "phonetically complex." This second series includes implosives, the first true voiced aspirates ever reported, and unexpected developments such as *b > (*bh) > s. A claim that the North Sarawak languages form part of a larger North Borneo… CONTINUE READING
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