The Great War : The making of the series

  title={The Great War : The making of the series},
  author={J. Ramsden},
  journal={Historical Journal of Film, Radio and Television},
  pages={19 - 7}
  • J. Ramsden
  • Published 1 March 2002
  • History
  • Historical Journal of Film, Radio and Television
By any estimation, BBC Television’s 1964 series The Great War was a success on a historic scale. It won awards both at home and abroad while also impressing both sceptical historians and in-house television professionals. It clocked up extraordinary viewing Ž gures and audience satisfaction ratings. It materially helped to reintroduce the Great War itself to the 1960s generation that has never since been in danger of forgetting it, and it has been regularly quoted as an in uence by the makers… Expand
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History documentary on UK terrestrial television, 1982-2002
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History of Broadcasting
BBC TV PRESENTS A FIFTIETH ANNIVERSARY CELEBRATION by Nicholas Moss (London: BBC, 1986—about $8.00, paper) THE HISTORY OF TELEVISION FROM EARLY DAYS TO THE PRESENT (same address as Burn's book onExpand
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“A wonderful idea of the fighting”: the question of fakes in ‘the battle of the somme’
(1993). “A wonderful idea of the fighting”: the question of fakes in ‘the battle of the somme’. Historical Journal of Film, Radio and Television: Vol. 13, No. 2, pp. 149-168.
It is perhaps signi cant that while that dispute takes up three pages of the memoirs of the director of the IWM, it does not even get a mention in those of Grace Wyndham Goldie whom he
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Modern History at Queen Mary, University of London. He is author of all three twentieth-century volumes in the Longman History of the British Conservative Party
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