The Gravitational Lens Candidate FBQ 1633 + 3134 1

  title={The Gravitational Lens Candidate FBQ 1633 + 3134 1},
  author={Nicholas Morgan and Robert H. Becker and M. Elizabeth Douglas Gregg and Paul L. Schechter and Richard L. White}
We present our ground-based optical imaging, spectral analysis, and high resolution radio mapping of the gravitational lens candidate FBQ 1633+3134. This z = 1.52, B = 17.6 quasar appears double on CCD images with an image separation of 0. ′′66 and a flux ratio of ∼ 3 : 1 across BV RI filters. A single 0.27 mJy radio source is detected at 8.46 GHz, coincident to within an arcsecond of both optical components, but no companion at radio wavelengths is detected down to a flux level of 0.1 mJy (3… CONTINUE READING