The Golgi complex of the early spermatid in guinea pig.

  title={The Golgi complex of the early spermatid in guinea pig.},
  author={Mario H{\'e}ctor Burgos and Luis Enrique S{\'a}nchez Guti{\'e}rrez},
  journal={The Anatomical record},
  volume={216 2},
After aldehyde-tannic fixation, Zinc-iodine-osmium fixation, Phospho Tungstic acid-chromium stain and two cytochemical reactions, the ultrastructure of the Golgi complex of early spermatids in the guinea pig reveals two different regions. One, close to the cell surface, involves endoplasmic reticulum (ER), intermediate vesicles, and Golgi outer cisternae and has membranes of uniform thickness and symmetrical trilaminar pattern, a strong ZIO precipitate, and an almost negligible cytochemical… CONTINUE READING


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