The Gold-rich Indide Eu5Au17.7In4.3 and its Relation with the Structures of SrAu4.76In1.24 and BaLi4

  • Ihor Mutsa, Ute Ch. Rodewalda, Vasyl’I. Zarembab, Orest Pavlosyukb, Rainer Pöttgena
  • Published 2012


The gold-rich indide Eu5Au17.7In4.3 was synthesized from the elements in a sealed tantalum ampoule that was heated in a high-frequency furnace. Eu5Au17.7In4.3 crystallizes with a new monoclinic structure type: C2/m, a = 902.7(2), b = 722.8(3), c = 1734.1(4) pm, β = 94.31(3)◦, wR2 = 0.0907, 2640 F2 values and 74 variables. Eu5Au17.7In4.3 has a pronounced… (More)

6 Figures and Tables


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