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The God of Israel

  title={The God of Israel},
  author={Robert P. Gordon},
Part I. General Perspectives: 1. Introducing the God of Israel Robert P. Gordon 2. Aniconism in the Old Testament Nathan MacDonald 3. Imitation of God in the Old Testament John Barton 4. Monotheism and the God of many names Ronald E. Clements 5. God, creation and the contribution of wisdom Katharine J. Dell 6. By royal appointment: God's influence on influencing God Diana Lipton 7. Is monotheism bad for you?: some reflections on God, the Bible, and life in the light of Regina Schwartz's The… Expand
DIVINE PERSONS IN GENESIS: The Theological Implications
Beginning with its third word, the book of Genesis reveals that God (םיהל)א exists and that He created the heavens and the earth. The seventeenth word from the end of the book is also “God”Expand
God after Darwin : the promise of Trinitarian Theology
Theology still needs to come to terms with the implications of the Darwinian revolution. Navigating between the extremes of creationism and naturalism, theology is challenged to articulate a courseExpand
The Conceptual Transfer of Human Agency to the Divine in the Second Temple Period: The Case of Saul’s Suicide
King Saul was not only Israel’s first monarch, but he was also her first sacrilegious ruler, a point on which the two historiographical books in the Hebrew Bible agree. However, each respectiveExpand
Recent Research on Warfare in the Old Testament
In an introduction to the English translation of Gerhard von Rad’s classic work Holy War in Ancient Israel, Ollenburger (1991) reviewed the major contributions on the topic of warfare through toExpand
The Gods-Complaint: Psalm 82 as a Psalm of Complaint
Abstract:Psalm 82 has long resisted a consensus regarding its genre. While some scholars have noted that the psalm's language overlaps with that of the complaint genre, several features of the psalmExpand
Discord or Harmony: A Consideration of the Old Testament Ethic(s) of Creation
What constitutes the goal of an Old testament ethic of creation? Is there just one goal? Are there many? And, who is asking? this initial driving question for this essay requires unpacking if we areExpand
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