The GlottHMM Entry for Blizzard Challenge 2012: Hybrid Approach

  title={The GlottHMM Entry for Blizzard Challenge 2012: Hybrid Approach},
  author={Antti Suni and Tuomo Raitio and Martti Vainio and Paavo Alku},
This paper describes the GlottHMM speech synthesis system for Blizzard Challenge 2012. The aim of the GlottHMM system is to combine high-quality vocoding and detailed prosody modeling in order to produce expressive, high quality, synthetic speech. GlottHMM is based on statistical parametric speech synthesis, but it uses a glottal flow pulse library for generating the excitation signal. Thus, it can be regarded as a hybrid system using the pulses as concatenative units that are selected… CONTINUE READING

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