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The Global University: Past, Present, and Future Perspectives

  title={The Global University: Past, Present, and Future Perspectives},
  author={Adam Ross Nelson and Ian P. Wei},
Acknowledgements Introduction: The Global University: Past, Present, and Future Perspectives A.R.Nelson PART I: REGIONALISM(S) AND GLOBAL HIGHER EDUCATION REFORM Global Aspirations and Strategizing for World-Class Status: New Modes of Higher-education governance and the Emergence of Regulatory Regionalism in East Asia K.H.Mok Contributing to the Southeast Asian Knowledge Economy? Australian Offshore Campuses in Malaysia and Vietnam A.R.Welch PART II: THE CHANGING DIMENSIONS OF UNIVERSITY… Expand
China-ASEAN Relations in Higher Education: An Analytical Framework
China’s dramatic economic rise has tended to overshadow other wider perspectives on the developing China and Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) relationship, including in higherExpand
International mobility of PhD students since the 1990s and its effect on China: a cross-national analysis
ABSTRACT Of all the levels of education, doctoral education is the most internationalised. By selecting one key indicator (the proportion of international students among a country’s doctorateExpand
Producing a Global Elite? The Endurance of the National in Elite American and British Universities
This chapter compares the views of personnel at two elite global universities in America and Britain concerning student admissions, educational aims, and their institutions’ linkages with nationalExpand
Everyday nationalism and elite research universities in the USA and England
The reinvigoration of popular nationalism in the USA and UK has largely been framed as counter to the cosmopolitan globalization associated with their elite universities over the past decade.Expand
The university, democracy and the public sphere
Abstract This article takes a historical approach to the rise and fall of the public university, relating its fate to specific developments in public policy. Particular attention will be paid to theExpand
Mobility of Eastern European citizens: training and development
Purpose – The purpose of this paper is to explore and present a higher education initiative towards the training and development of Eastern European citizens, who migrate to Greece, in pursuit ofExpand
The iconography of universities as institutional narratives
The coming of “brand society” and the onset of mediatization spur universities to strategize their visual identity and pay particular attention to their icon. Resulting from branding initiatives,Expand
On the Composition of Academic Work in Digital Times
The article concludes that sociomaterial approaches might constitute a fruitful addition to more traditional research about the university that is inclined to focus on epochal changes that are suggested or expected to alter the position of academics and the university. Expand
An Atlas of Academic Practice in Digital Times
Abstract In the current literature on the university it is generally accepted that processes of digitization play an important role regarding both the daily functioning of the university as anExpand
The university as a philosophical problem
Abstract The paper provides a philosophical insight into the contemporary critical trends in the university life, and an outline of possible solutions based on the historical overview of an idea ofExpand


Asian Universities: Historical Perspectives and Contemporary Challenges
Since 1980, higher education access and endorsement have grown more dramatically in Asia than in any other area of the world. Both developed and developing nations are witnessing rapid expansion inExpand
Structuring mass higher education : the role of elite institutions
Foreword Sheldon Rothblatt Preface 1. Structuring Mass Higher Education: Interpreting the Process of Change Ted Tapper and David Palfreyman Part I: Structural Change in Systems of Higher Education 2.Expand
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Globalization and educational restructuring: University merging and changing governance in China
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The quest for regional hub of education: growing heterarchies, organizational hybridization, and new governance in Singapore and Malaysia
With strong intention to enhance the global competitiveness of their higher education systems, the governments of Singapore and Malaysia have made attempts to develop their societies into regionalExpand
Education reform and education policy in East Asia
Table of contents List of figures List of tables Foreword Acknowledgements Introduction Part One: Education systems, policy change and education reforms 1. Globalization and structural adjustments:Expand
The American Faculty: The Restructuring of Academic Work and Careers
Higher education is becoming destabilized in the face of extraordinarily rapid change. The composition of the academy's most valuable asset-the faculty-and the essential nature of faculty work areExpand
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