The Global Prosecutors: Hunting War Criminals in the Name of Utopia

  title={The Global Prosecutors: Hunting War Criminals in the Name of Utopia},
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Law, Science, Liberalism, and the American Way of Warfare: The Quest for Humanity in Conflict
Introduction 1. Law and science in the Western way of war 2. Conceptualizing the American way of war 3. Vietnam and the 'science' of war 4. Immaculate destruction 5. Revolution denied: the 'war' on
Ascertainment of the truth in international criminal justice
This thesis was submitted for the degree of Docter of Philosophy and awarded by Brunel University.
International law AND
The New Sovereigntist Challenge for Global Governance: Democracy without Sovereignty
The “new sovereigntists,” a prominent group of scholars and policymakers, articulate a widely held view that global governance is inherently undemocratic because it undermines popular sovereignty.
The Arrests of the Century or Missed Opportunities? A Comparative Case Study of the International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia
3 INTRODUCTION 4 Overview of the Study LITERATURE REVIEW 6 3 Schools of Thought: The Prevalence of Realism within the International System Security Strategies amid the Cold War Era Intrastate
Human security in East Asia
agenda in East Asia. It offers us a cutting-edge assessment of the conceptual debates and empirical cases that the region has experienced so far. On that basis, it provides us with a balanced and
Rumo a uma ordem legal internacional efetiva: da coexistência ao consenso?
Ao proibir o uso da forca, exceto em caso de legitima defesa contra ataque armado ou quando ha autorizacao do Conselho de Seguranca, a Carta das Nacoes Unidas surge como o auge do desenvolvimento de
2006: A race odyssey
The World According to Bolton
a.m. Unfurling a banner that read, "No Bolton, Yes U.N.," activists from the women's peace group staged a protest in the middle of the April 11 confirmation hearing, telling the Senate Foreign
Walking Away from Nuremberg: Just War and the Doctrine of Command Responsibility
In September 1994, Lawrence P. Rockwood, then a counterintelligence officer with the U.S. Army's Tenth Mountain Division, was deployed to Haiti as part of Operation Restore Democracy, the