The Global Outcomes of Solution-Focused Brief Therapy: A Revision

  title={The Global Outcomes of Solution-Focused Brief Therapy: A Revision},
  author={Marie-Carmen Neipp and Mark Beyebach},
  journal={The American Journal of Family Therapy},
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فعالیة العلاج المختصر المرتكز على الحل فی خفض اضطراب ما بعد الضغوط الصدمیة لأمهات أطفال الأوتیزم The Effectiveness of Solution-Focused Brief Therapy in Reducing Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder among Mothers of Children with Autism Disorder

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  • Psychology
    مجلة التربیة الخاصة والتأهیل
  • 2022
The study aimed to investigate the effectiveness of the program based on Solution-focused brief therapy in reducing post-traumatic stress disorder in a sample of mothers of children with autism



Bibliometric Differences Between WEIRD and Non-WEIRD Countries in the Outcome Research on Solution-Focused Brief Therapy

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