The Global Boundary Stratotype Section and Point (GSSP) for Base of the Bathonian Stage (Middle Jurassic), Ravin du Bes Section, SE France

  title={The Global Boundary Stratotype Section and Point (GSSP) for Base of the Bathonian Stage (Middle Jurassic), Ravin du Bes Section, SE France},
  author={Sixto Rafael Fern{\'a}ndez-L{\'o}pez and Giulio Pavia and Elisabetta Erba and Myette Guiomar and Maria Helena Paiva Henriques and Roberto Lanza and Charles Mangold and Nicol Morton and Davide Olivero and Daniele Tiraboschi},
The Bathonian GSSP is defined at the base of limestone bed RB071 in the Ravin du Bes Section, Bas-Auran area, southern Subalpine Chains (France). This section satisfies most of the requirements recommended by the International Commission on Stratigraphy. The exposure extends over 13 m in thickness. No vertical biofacies, ichnofacies or taphofacies changes, stratigraphic gaps or hiatuses have been recorded at the Bajocian-Bathonian transition. Structural complexity, synsedimentary and tectonic… 

Biostratigraphy and sedimentary settings of the Upper Bajocian-Lower Bathonian in the vicinity of Saratov (Central Russia)

This paper presents the results of a detailed study of the Bajocian-Bathonian sections in the “Sokur” Quarry near the city of Saratov and of a borehole drilled in the same quarry. The study of these

The ammonite zones of the Bathonian in Bulgaria

A scheme of nine ammonite zones for the Bathonian in Bulgaria is described herein. The stratigraphical distribution of the Bathonian ammonites has been revised through new collecting and

The Arkelli Chronozone: A new early Middle Bathonian standard ammonite zone for Kachchh, western India (southern Jurassic Tethys)

  • S. Jain
  • Environmental Science, Geography
  • 2014
Based on the widespread distribution of the nominal and Madagascan ammonite species Procerites (Gracilisphinctes) progracilis arkelli Collignon [M] in Kachchh (western India), a new early Middle

Dimorphinites (Ammonoidea, Jurassic, Upper Bajocian) in the Precordillera of Northern Chile

Abstract A new upper Bajocian ammonite assemblage containing the morphoceratids Dimorphinites dimorphus (d'Orbigny) and Vigoriceras defrancei (d'Orbigny) is reported from the circum-Pacific area.

The St. Veit Klippen Unit in Vienna (Austria) – Jurassic to Cretaceous biostratigraphy and facies based on historical fossil collections

Abstract Historical fossil assemblages from the Lower Jurassic to Lower Cretaceous of the Sankt Veit Klippen Unit (SVK) on the western outskirts of Vienna were re-evaluated. Collections of the

The Late Triassic–Middle Jurassic Passive Margin Stage

During the Late Triassic-Middle Jurassic interval Iberia acted as a passive margin, where extensional or transtensional faulting, linked to the propagation of the Central Atlantic and the opening of



Formal proposal for the Bathonian GSSP (Middle Jurassic) in the Ravin du Bès Section (Bas-Auran, SE France)

The Bathonian Global Stratotype Section and Point (GSSP) is proposed at the base of limestone bed RB071 (bed 23 in Sturani 1967) in the Ravin du Bès Section (43° 57′ 38′′ N, 6° 18′ 55′′ E), Bas-Auran

Ammonoid succession at the Bajocian-Bathonian transition in the Bas Auran area, Digne district, South-East France.

The uppermost Bajocian to lowermost Bathonian ammonoid succession has been studied in the Bas Auran area in view of choosing one of its sections as the Global Stratotype Section and Point

Ammonoid taphonomy, palaeoenvironments and sequence stratigraphy at the Bajocian/Bathonian boundary on the Bas Auran area (Subalpine Basin, south‐eastern France)

Bas Auran, in south-eastern France, is the candidate area for Global Boundary Stratotype Section and Point (GSSP) of the base of the Bathonian Stage (Middle Jurassic). In the Bas Auran area, upper


The Rosso Ammonitico of the Montagna Grande area is very interesting because of the great diversification in facies and thickness in three very closely situated sections. The Jurassic succession in

Ammonite succession at the Bajocian/Bathonian boundary in the Cabo Mondego region (Portugal)

The Cabo Mondego outcrops exposed along the cliffs, on the western margin of the Iberian Plate, show an expanded stratigraphic section of Lower Bathonian deposits containing abundant ammonoids. Upper

Lithostratigraphy and Biostratigraphy of the Fernie Formation (Jurassic) in the Southern Canadian Rocky Mountains

  • R. Hall
  • Geology, Environmental Science
  • 1984
Abstract In the Foothills and Front Ranges of the Canadian Rocky Mountains almost the entire Jurassic is represented by the Fernie Formation which was deposited in five regressive cycles on the

Interaction of tectonics, eustasy, climate and carbonate production on the sedimentary evolution of an early/middle Jurassic extensional basin (Southern Provence Sub‐basin, SE France)

This paper describes the evolution of an extensional basin in regard to the nature and sequence stratigraphic arrangement of its carbonate deposits. The purpose of this study is to evaluate the