The Global Award for Entrepreneurship Research

  title={The Global Award for Entrepreneurship Research},
  author={Magnus Henrekson and Anders Lundstr{\"o}m},
  journal={Small Business Economics},
The International Award for Entrepreneurship and Small Business Research was introduced in 1996, and it is now firmly established as the most prestigious award for outstanding research contributions in this subject area. Thanks to a generous donation from the Swedish entrepreneur Rune Andersson, it has been possible to make a number of changes aimed at strengthening global recognition of the Prize even further: the name is being changed to the Global Award for Entrepreneurship Research, the… 

Steven Klepper: Recipient of the 2011 Global Award for Entrepreneurship Research

This article reviews the academic contributions of the 2011 receiver of the GlobalAward for Entrepreneurship Research, Professor Steven Klepper, Carnegie Mellon University. The Global Award consists

Maryann Feldman: Recipient of the 2013 Global Award for Entrepreneurship Research

Abstract This article reviews the scientific contributions of the 2013 recipient of the Global Award for Entrepreneurship Research, Maryann Feldman, Heninger Distinguished Professor in the Department

The evolving domain of entrepreneurship research

Research on entrepreneurship has flourished in recent years and is evolving rapidly. This article explores the history of entrepreneurship research, how the research domain has evolved, and its

Boyan Jovanovic: recipient of the 2019 Global Award for Entrepreneurship Research

The 2019 Global Award for Entrepreneurship Research has been awarded to Professor Boyan Jovanovic at New York University in the USA. Boyan Jovanovic has developed pioneering research that advances ...

Mapping the (in)visible college(s) in the field of entrepreneurship

It is found that entrepreneurship is an (increasingly) autonomous, legitimate and cohesive (in)visible college, fine tuned through the increasing visibility of certain subject specialties (e.g., family business, innovation, technology and policy).

Corporate social responsibility and social entrepreneurship: drivers of sports sponsorship policy

ABSTRACT Sport policy has increasingly become influenced by corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives aimed at incorporating social, economic and environmental concerns. More recently, sport

Sponsorship of Sports Events: A Tool to Develop Social Entrepreneurship and the Corporate Social Responsibility

This study analyses the motives of companies to supporting and sponsoring social actions or projects developed through sport events. To this end, we applied a questionnaire to 80 CEOs, vice

The future of public efforts to boost entrepreneurship and venture capital

The promotion of new high-potential business ventures and venture capital is of critical importance to economic growth. Well-considered policies can profoundly influence such opportunities, but many

How did the notional interest deduction affect Belgian SMEs’ capital structure?

The recently introduced risk capital allowance in Belgium, which allows a notional interest deduction (to be denoted NID hereafter) on a firm’s adjusted equity for tax purposes, has mitigated the tax

New firm creation and innovation: industrial patterns and inter-sectoral linkages

This article analyzes the linkages between entrepreneurship and innovation behaviour at an industrial level. The research question refers to the extent that the industrial pattern of



Entrepreneurship Research: Past Perspectives and Future Prospects

Since 1996 the Swedish Foundation for Small Business Research (FSF) and the Swedish National Board for Industrial and Technical Development (NUTEK) have been rewarding research on small business and

Paul D. Reynolds: Entrepreneurship Research Innovator, Coordinator, and Disseminator

Paul Davidson Reynolds is the 2004 winner of the International Award for Entrepreneurship and Small Business Research. In this article Professor Reynolds’ contributions are summarized in terms of

Israel M. Kirzner: An Outstanding Austrian Contributor to the Economics of Entrepreneurship

Israel M. Kirzner is the 2006 winner of The International Award for Entrepreneurship and Small Business Research. In this essay, we present and evaluate his main contributions to the economics of

The Diana Project: pioneering women studying pioneering women

The 2007 winner of the International Award for Entrepreneurship and Small Business Research is the Diana Project team (Candida Brush, Nancy Carter, Elizabeth Gatewood, Patricia Greene and Myra Hart).

William J. Baumol: An Entrepreneurial Economist on the Economics of Entrepreneurship

William J. Baumol is the 2003 winner of the International Award for Entrepreneurship and Small Business Research. Throughout his career Baumol has urged the profession to pay attention to the

Building new roads for entrepreneurship research to travel by: on the work of William B. Gartner

This article takes the awarding of William B. Gartner as a winner of the FSF-Nutek Award (in 2005) as a reason to engage more thoroughly with his production. From the perspective of a European School

Is Neoclassical Economics Still Entrepreneurless?

The paper reviews and evaluates some recent contributions on modeling entrepreneurship within a neoclassical framework, analyzing how, and to what extent, the fundamental ingredients suggested in the

The Second Industrial Divide

This is a book unlikely to be read by historians. Or rather, they may read it, but in their capacity as citizens concerned as the book's subtitle puts it about "Possibilities for Prosperity." The

Advances in Entrepreneurship, Firm Emergence and Growth

Gives an annual examination of the major research, theoretical and methodological efforts in the field of entrepreneurship and its related disciplines of small business, family business and

Risk, Uncertainty and Profit

In Risk, Uncertainty and Profit, Frank Knight explored the riddle of profitability in a competitive market profit should not be possible under competitive conditions, as the entry of new