The Giant Navan carbonate-hosted Zn–Pb deposit: exploration and geology: 1970–2015

  title={The Giant Navan carbonate-hosted Zn–Pb deposit: exploration and geology: 1970–2015},
  author={John H. Ashton and Robert Blakeman and J. F. Geraghty and Brendan O’Donovan and Alastair Beach and David Coller and Michael E. Philcox and Adrian J Boyce and Jamie J Wilkinson},
  journal={Applied Earth Science},
  pages={75 - 76}
the more limited weathering present in the Rosh Pinah area. A batch of 20 smithsonite and calcite samples from the Skorpion deposit and 10 gossanous samples from the uppermost levels of the Rosh Pinah mine have been analysed. δC and δO isotopes of carbonates have been measured in permil (‰) versus V-PDB and VSMOW standards, respectively. The samples from Skorpion occur mostly as cavity fillings and crusts, which consist of mm-sized euhedral crystals. Smithsonite is characterised here by δC… Expand
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Natrotitanite, ideally (Na0.5Y0.5)Ti(SiO4)O, a new mineral from the Verkhnee Espe deposit, Akjailyautas mountains, Eastern Kazakhstan district, Kazakhstan: description and crystal structure
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