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The Germans in their century: 1890–1990

  title={The Germans in their century: 1890–1990},
  author={Christian Graf von Krockow and Reicke Schweitzer},
List of maps Introduction by Professor Dr. Konrad Jarausch Preface PART I WILHELMIAN PRELUDE 1890-1914 1. About peace and progress 2. A society without self-confidence 3. Ship without a rudder PART II THE GERMAN DRAMA, 1914-45 4. War 5. The November republic 6. The decision 7. Life in the Third Reich 8. The ultimate crime for the ultimate delusion PART III THE GERMANS SINCE 1945 9. The return of the citizen 10. A new start and fresh anxieties 11. An end, a beginning - the Germans 1989-90… CONTINUE READING
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