The German Thorotrast Cohort Study: a review and how to get access to the data

  title={The German Thorotrast Cohort Study: a review and how to get access to the data},
  author={Bernd Grosche and Mandy Birschwilks and Horst Wesch and A. Kaul and Gerhard van Kaick},
  journal={Radiation and Environmental Biophysics},
It is well known that exposures like those from 226Ra, 224Ra and Thorotrast® injections increase the risk of neoplasia in bone marrow and liver. The thorium-based radioactive contrast agent Thorotrast® was introduced in 1929 and applied worldwide until the 1950s, especially in angiography and arteriography. Due to the extremely long half-life of several hundred years and the life-long retention of the thorium dioxide particles in the human body, patients suffer lifetime internal exposure. The… 
Risk factors of liver malignancies in workers chronically exposed to ionizing radiation
Investigation of liver malignancies in Mayak PA workers was associated with ionizing radiation, chronic diseases of hepatobiliary tract and viral hepatitis (in case of HCC), and a dose-response analysis that will consider non-radiation factors is needed.
Big data in radiation biology and epidemiology; an overview of the historical and contemporary landscape of data and biomaterial archives
Evidence is found for the ongoing utility of legacy datasets and biological materials, but that the availability of these resources depends on uncoordinated, often institutional, initiatives to curate and archive them.
Radiation databases and archives – examples and comparisons
This review aims to highlight major archives and databases that have shaped the field of radiation biology and provide a broad range of the types of datasets currently available.


Malignancies in German thorotrast patients and estimated tissue dose.
Final conclusions concerning the frequency of late effects and its relation to the tissue dose depend on further results of follow up studies.
The german thorotrast study: recent results and assessment of risks.
The German Thorotrast study comprises 2,326 patients and 1,890 controls and the cumulative risk estimate for liver cancer and hematopoietic malignancies is lower by a factor of 10 compared to the results of the Life Span Study.
Mortality after Radiological Investigation with Radioactive Thorotrast: A Follow-up Study of up to Fifty Years in Portugal
This study shows an association between systemic, but not local, exposure to Thorotrast and mortality from liver cancer, chronic liver disease, and neoplastic and non-neoplastic hematological disorders, with risks for these conditions remaining high for over 40 years after administration.
Mortality after long-term exposure to radioactive Thorotrast: a forty-year follow-up survey in Sweden.
A significant dose-response relationship was found for all causes of death and malignant tumors among all age groups, and since SMR increased with time for the latter category, this is consistent with an effect of cumulative radiation exposure on cancer development.
The most striking detrimental health effect following 224Ra injections are a large number of malignant bone tumors that occurred predominantly in childhood, and it is concluded that the younger the age at 224Ra injection, the more severe the late effects.
Neoplastic diseases induced by chronic alpha-irradiation--epidemiological, biophysical and clinical results of the German Thorotrast Study.
According to the present result, an excess rate can be expected for carcinomas of the extrahepatic bile ducts, pancreas, oesophagus, larynx, as well as Non-Hodgkin's lymphomas, bone sarcomas, plasmacytomas and mesotheliomas.
Bone tumors in thorotrast patients.
Locoregional late effects of paravascular thorotrast deposits: results of the german thorotrast study.
Locoregional late effects of paravascular Thorotrast deposits mainly comprise radiation induced, fibrotic tissue destruction and the incidence of malignant tumors adjacent to deposits, however, is much lower than initially expected.
Thorotrast kinetics and radiation dose
  • A. Kaul, H. Muth
  • Medicine, Physics
    Radiation and environmental biophysics
  • 1978
Results of investigations on tissue distribution and steady state activity ratios of232Th and daughters in Thorotrast patients were compiled and are presented as “best estimates”.