The Geopolitics of China’s Maritime Silk Road Initiative

  title={The Geopolitics of China’s Maritime Silk Road Initiative},
  author={Jean-Marc F. Blanchard and Colin Flint},
  pages={223 - 245}
ABSTRACT China’s “One Belt, One Road” project is comprised of two components: the Maritime Silk Road Initiative (MSRI) and the Silk Road Economic Belt (SREB)—that were announced separately in 2013. Each component has the potential to transform the global geopolitical landscape through the construction of interrelated infrastructure projects including ports, highways, railways and pipelines. Such hard infrastructure requires the complementary construction of soft infrastructure, such as free… 

Features of Geo-Economic Network between China and Countries along the 21st Century Maritime Silk Road

The countries along the 21st-Century Maritime Silk Road (MSRCs) are important geo-economic spaces for China. The implementation of the Belt and Road initiative is drawing a new geo-economic network

Analyzing Pakistan’s Geoeconomic and Geopolitical Importance to BRI

The "Belt and Road" initiative (BRI) has built a bridge linking China with countries along the belt and road. BRI related issues are no longer an abstract debate, as many projects have been

Beyond ports, roads and railways: Chinese economic statecraft, the Belt and Road Initiative and the politics of financial infrastructures

  • Johannes Petry
  • Economics
    European Journal of International Relations
  • 2022
Scholars have focused on how the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) facilitates Chinese economic statecraft and its likely impact on the global order. A common thread thereby is how connectivity through

An Abbreviated Leap: The Geopolitical and Geoeconomic Significance of the China – Pakistan Economic Corridor to the New Silk Road

The objective of this analysis is to reveal the geopolitical and geoeconomic significance of the China – Pakistan Economic Corridor of the Belt and Road Initiative to its major stakeholders; Pakistan

Emerging costs of China’s belt and road strategy for transboundary water in south and southeast Asia

China’s belt and road strategy is stretching across most of the globe and promises increased connectivity and economic development. The availability of Chinese finance and expertise has resulted in

Silk Road archipelagos: Islands of the Belt and Road Initiative

The concept behind the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI; formerly ‘One Belt, One Road’) began to take shape in 2013. Since then, this Chinese-led project has become a major plank in China’s foreign

Geo-Economic Linkages between China and the Countries along the 21st-Century Maritime Silk Road and Their Types

  • Wei HuY. Ge Yun Deng
  • Economics
    International journal of environmental research and public health
  • 2022
With the advances of the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI), the geo-economic interactions between China and countries along the 21st-Century Maritime Silk Road counties (MSRCs) continue to increase, and

The Significant Role of Oman in China’s Maritime Silk Road Initiative

Abstract In recent years, China has been seeking to deepen its global centrality by connecting to Asia, Europe, and Africa through investments in physical infrastructure, that is, ports and

Egypt in China’s Maritime Silk Road Initiative: Relations Cannot Surmount Realities

  • Mordechai Chaziza
  • Economics
    China’s Maritime Silk Road Initiative, Africa, and the Middle East
  • 2020
China’s Maritime Silk Road Initiative (MSRI) is manifest in Egypt in seaport projects, high-speed rail and other transportation initiatives, power generation and transmission projects, the massive



When All Roads Lead to Beijing. Assessing China’s New Silk Road and its Implications for Europe

Abstract The Belt and Road, unveiled by President Xi Jinping in late 2013, is China’s most ambitious geo-economic and foreign policy initiative in decades, combining a land-based Silk Road Economic

China's Proposed Maritime Silk Road: Challenges and Opportunities with Special Reference to the Bay of Bengal Region

The aim of this article is to explore the challenges and opportunities of the 21st Century Maritime Silk Road – presumably a gigantic economic project launched by China – for better connectivity and

China's 21st Century Maritime Silk Road Initiative, Energy Security and SLOC Access

In recent years, the Chinese leadership has increasingly turned its attention towards the maritime domain. This article discusses Beijing's latest attempts to secure China's maritime energy supply

The New Silk Road: Xi Jinping's Grand Strategy for Eurasia

ABSTRACT Chinese Communist Party Secretary and President Xi Jinping's foreign policy agenda can be characterized as nothing less than rewriting the current geopolitical landscape. His announcement of

China’s New Silk Road Diplomacy

The destinations of China’s new leaders’ foreign trips show that the PRC’s foreign policy domain remains its neighbourhood. China is trying in particular to enhance cooperation with its Central and

‘One Belt, One Road’ and China’s emerging Afghanistan dilemma

ABSTRACT This article argues that China’s approach to Afghanistan since the end of the Cold War has been shaped by the desire both for security in Xinjiang and for geopolitical advantage in Central

Maritime Silk Road and the India-China Conundrum1

Are India-China maritime dynamics entering a new phase of power politics and balance of power? Both the South China Sea region and the Indian Ocean Region (IOR) have received enormous policy

China’s ‘New Silk Roads’: sub-national regions and networks of global political economy

Abstract This paper argues that the Chinese government’s ‘belt and road’ initiative – the Silk Roads vision of land and maritime logistics and communications networks connecting Asia, Europe and

The Trans-Political Nature of Southwest China’s Energy Conduit, Yunnan Province

ABSTRACT Transboundary flows of energy across Yunnan Province in China and to Southeast Asian states provide insight into the changing nature of borders and border areas. Rather than monolithic

China’s New Silk Road: Where Does It Lead?

Abstract:We analyze the driving forces behind China’s New Silk Road (NSR) initiative and find that they include not only short-term factors, such as the US "rebalance" of forces in Asia and China’s