The Geological Record of Ocean Acidification

  title={The Geological Record of Ocean Acidification},
  author={B. H{\"o}nisch and A. Ridgwell and D. Schmidt and E. Thomas and S. Gibbs and A. Sluijs and R. Zeebe and L. Kump and R. Martindale and S. E. Greene and W. Kiessling and Justin B. Ries and J. Zachos and D. Royer and S. Barker and T. Marchitto and R. Moyer and C. Pelejero and P. Ziveri and G. Foster and B. Williams},
  pages={1058 - 1063}
  • B. Hönisch, A. Ridgwell, +18 authors B. Williams
  • Published 2012
  • Geology, Environmental Science, Medicine
  • Science
  • Acid History As human activity continues to pump nearly 50-fold more CO2 into the atmosphere than any existing natural sources, the oceans absorb it. Over time, this vast quantity of excess oceanic CO2 is expected to decrease oceanic pH and have marked effects on calcifying marine species. Looking to the past for records of the consequences, other instances of ocean acidification in geologic history caused by large natural events, such as volcanism, may help predict the oceans' response to… CONTINUE READING

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